Bespoke Leather

Some examples of bespoke creations for our unique clients. Wile some of our projects are a quantity of 1, many run in the dozens or hundreds.

Leather headphone bags with highly polished nickel accents and custom logo embossing. Each one was monogramed for the recipient.


Leather baseball themed mousepad in the shape of home plate. Some are embossed with a team or personal logo, as seen here for the Colorado Rockies.


Leather wrapped Snakebite bottle and can opener. We manufacture the key products for this St. Louis original on as 'as needed' basis, directly tied in with their needs. Many units are customized with monograming or custom logo imprints.


Custom iPad mini clutch in highly textured black leather. These were special gifts from an NFL team to a select group of fans.


Custom iPad mini & notepad folios. These are custom printed waxed canvas and leather. These can be personalized for any individual, company or occasion.

Waxed canvas is a classic material. Since we have the technology to print our own canvas before its waxed, we can provide very unique products to your clientele.

Custom Ka-Bar knife display stand produced for a client with very specific unit costs and shipping dimensions.

Vintage inspired leather and italian cloth iPad cases. Each one is hand made and individually distressed. Any aspect can be customized.

Custom wooden video prop, carved from a block of mahogany and aged.

Custom copper video prop, forged from provide logo and aged.

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